Water Heaters

A water heater is among the most important appliances in your home. Absolute Plumbing Heating & A/C in Brodheadsville, PA is committed to keeping your water heater running at peak performance. A water heater is connected to a cold water supply pipe and has an outgoing hot water pipe that supplies heated water to appliances, faucets, and showerheads. Most water heaters are powered by natural gas, propane, kerosene, or electricity.

worker fixing water heater

Keep the Warm Water Flowing With Absolute Plumbing Heating & A/C

With 20 years of experience, we can repair any make or model water heater or upgrade you to a new high-efficiency model that will save you money throughout the year. We work with many of the top brands in water heaters, including Rinnai.

If you’re looking for even more energy savings, a tankless water heater is your best bet. This version is growing in popularity because it provides endless on-demand hot water. You only heat water as it’s needed with nearly 98% efficiency. They are also 80% smaller than conventional tanks.

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